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Welcome to AWS CloudRoom!

AWS CloudRoom is an educational initiative powered by AWS InCommunities.

About the program

AWS CloudRoom is an educational initiative powered by AWS InCommunities. This program is dedicated to helping students around the world, ages 9-14, learn more about the cloud and what it enables us to do.

AWS CloudRoom consists of a series of workshops and STEAM activities to introduce students and their teachers to the exciting world of cloud technologies.

It is our mission to ignite young people’s curiosity about cloud technology, aiding to empower local communities with new knowledge, skills and aspirations.

Are you ready for a world of possibilities in the cloud?

Would you like to bring the cloud to your classroom? Learn how to welcome AWS CloudRoom into your school and run your very own workshops.
Would you like to volunteer at a school in your local community? Find out all there is to know about volunteering in AWS CloudRoom and how to get involved.

Our impact so far!

Workshop sessions took place globally in 2022
Since AWS CloudRoom pilot launched globally in 2022, over 160 workshops have taken place globally including launches in America, Australia, England, India, Ireland, Signapore, and South Africa.
AWS employees have volunteered in AWS CloudRoom and shared their Cloud Career Story
Over 94 AWS employees have vounteered in AWS CloudRoom workshops in their local community, from all areas of both the corporate and Data Centre Community!
Schools participated in AWS CloudRoom in 2022 across the world
AWS CloudRoom is proud to partner with schools around to world to fulfill its mission to helping students around the world learn more about the cloud, having worked with over 160 schools so far!

Program Stories

Impact Highlights
AWS CloudRoom: Delhi, India
AWS volunteer Arush individually set up an AWS CloudRoom workshop at his old senior secondary school in Delhi, India. During the workshop, teachers and students really enjoyed class discussions around the workshop theme and got involved in classroom activities. "Students listened to my cloud career story attentively and seemed really excited and interested to explore the world of cloud. All in all, I believe the AWS CloudRoom workshop was able to create a positive impact amongst the students and the teachers of this school. Thanks much for providing me with this opportunity!".
A Brightspot Case Study
AWS CloudRoom: Humansdorp, South Africa
A South African school engaged with AWS CloudRoom through local VP Willem who generously offered to share his cloud career story. After the workshop, the school said: "Willem made today a reality for our learners which come from rural and destitute communities. Students were greatly inspired by the cloud career story of Willem, who was seen as a role model and inspiration. The AWS CloudRoom workshop was truly an inspiration, especially by sharing hope in a community which at most times feels forgotten, neglected and hopeless due to locations and social conditions within community."