AWS CloudRoom for Volunteers

Your role as an AWS Volunteer

AWS CloudRoom is an opportunity for you as an AWS Volunteer to be involved in your own local communities by helping the future generation of builders and innovators discover what it’s like to work in Tech like you do.

Today’s emerging technologies are truly exciting, creating new opportunities for many. You can play a vital role in helping today’s learners plan their own future cloud careers by working in tech.

As an AWS Volunteer, you can:

  1. Ensure you read the Safeguarding Checklist below, before you start your CloudRoom journey
  2. Share your ‘Journey to Here’, focussing on what led you to the cloud and why you were inspired to be an AWS Volunteer
  3. We ask that you aid the teacher in the running of the CloudRoom workshops, helping to facilitate a love of learning about the cloud!

Volunteering with AWS CloudRoom

Download your Safeguarding Checklist, which takes you through the key things to be mindful of when engaging with students during your workshop.
Download your AWS Volunteer handbook, which runs you through your role as a volunteer, and what you need to prepare for your participation in AWS CloudRoom workshops.
If you have a school in your area that you would like to reach out to, or we are currently not activiating AWS CloudRoom in your region, you can make use of our self-service guides to contact schools in your area. Find out more about our self-service model and how you can reach out to a school in your community here.
Wrap up your AWS CloudRoom experience by logging your volunteer hours and sharing your experience to inspire your colleagues to take part in AWS CloudRoom too!

Volunteer FAQs

What is AWS CloudRoom?

AWS CloudRoom is an educational initiative powered by InCommunities. The program provides students aged 9-14 with learning experiences focused on the cloud and emerging cloud technologies through classroom-based workshops powered by you, our AWS employees.

Our mission is to harness the talent and resources of our global AWS community to ignite young people’s curiosity about technology and show them a world of possibilities for their future.

Who at AWS can take part?

AWS CloudRoom is open to all AWS DCC and corporate employees based in key regions where AWS has infrastructure.

When is AWS CloudRoom taking place in 2023?

AWS CloudRoom organizes local workshops in schools and venues throughout the year. After your registration, the AWS CloudRoom team will inform you on your region's demand. If you like to receive your regional information prior to your registration, please feel free to email the AWS CloudRoom team at

What are the key regions that AWS CloudRoom is taking place in?

AWS CloudRoom is activated in key regions where AWS has infrastructure, including EMEA (CPT, DUB, and LHR), AMER (CMH, IAD, PDX, and SFO), and APJC (BOM, HYD, SIN, and SYD).

What languages will AWS CloudRoom be available in?

We carry out the AWS CloudRoom workshops in Portuguese (Brazil), French Canadian, Hindi, Telugu, Afrikaans, Xhosa, Bahasa (Indonesia), Japanese, Arabic, Spanish (ES), Spanish (Latam), Marathi, Malay, Swedish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin, and Thai.

Will the CloudRoom team schedule the specific date and time of the AWS CloudRoom workshop for me?

Your availability is taken into consideration in your registration. Meaning, if the AWS CloudRoom team is able to match you with a local school you will be matched on one of the days that you registered as available. After your match, the AWS CloudRoom team will offer support for you to take charge in confirming the date and time of your workshop.

The scheduling is between the AWS CloudRoom volunteer and the school to allow flexibility. After registration, you will also receive dedicated resources that help you support the outreach process along the way.

How do I connect with a school?

The AWS CloudRoom team offers matches with schools in your communities. Simply register through the homepage, and the team will get back to you with updates regarding your school match. Depending on demand, you will either be matched immediately or will be reached out to whenever school registrations have taken place that match your availability.

The AWS CloudRoom team offers guidance in reaching out to a school in your local community, including email templates and training materials. Additionally, your region might organise larger scaled AWS CloudRoom events and sessions that require AWS volunteers. If your region requires AWS volunteers for these events, you will automatically receive an invite to participate.

What can I expect from the matching process?

Kindly note matching only takes place in LHR and DUB. If you live in one of these regions, the AWS CloudRoom team will make every effort to match you with a local school. Depending on demand, you will either be matched immediately or will be reached out to whenever school registrations have taken place that match your availability. Once you are matched, you’ll receive an email outlining the school you've been paired to and the day you'll be participating in AWS CloudRoom, out of the days that you selected as your availability.

Depending on regional demand, you will be registered to take part in one or two AWS CloudRoom workshops with a specific school. Where there is high registration of AWS volunteers in your region, we will pair you with an additional volunteer buddy to accompany your session.

We will provide you with email templates for you to begin your communication to the school and to confirm the exact day and time that you will be taking part in the AWS CloudRoom workshop. The responsibility is on the volunteer to get in touch with your matched school and confirm the matched date and arrange a time for the session(s).

How will the AWS CloudRoom workshops run?

AWS CloudRoom workshops will be co-hosted by teachers and AWS volunteers. Each workshop will run for about an hour, including your 15-minute cloud career story. The teacher is responsible to lead the workshop, excluding the cloud career stories that are presented by you, the AWS volunteer. You may offer a hand to help out during the workshops alongside the teacher, who is supported by instructional videos and lesson plans ahead of the workshop.

How is each workshop broken down?

Every AWS CloudRoom workshop, ie. each, episode, combines three elements:
Learning through story - the AWS CloudRoom animated episode.
Learning through discovery - completing a specially designed practical cloud-based activity.
Learning from experience - 'My Journey to Here' story. This is where you get involved!

Is there any preparation required in advance?

AWS CloudRoom volunteers must complete safeguarding training in advance to the workshop and will need to plan their cloud career story, which will be fully supported with guidance materials that cover everything from templates, structuring the narrative to presenting.

What are cloud career stories?

A key part of the AWS CloudRoom volunteer experience is sharing your career story with the school and its students you are matched with. Your career story not just covers your experience as an AWS employee, but your career journey as a whole and how you got to where you are now. After your registration, the AWS CloudRoom team will support you with a presentation templates to help prepare you for your cloud career story.

How and why you will tell your cloud career story?

The cloud career story is centered around your career journey: sharing what got you into cloud technologies and the insights you learned along the way. Cloud careers are many and varied, therefore it’s important that students understand that an exciting career in the cloud is open to all.
Through telling your cloud career story, you will play a vital role in empowering children and young people to embrace cloud technology in ways that enhance their lives and career opportunities, and to learn the principle that we are all innovators. Would you like to learn how to best share your cloud career story? Check out our storytelling training videos!

How much time am I giving as an AWS volunteer?

Depending on whether you are allocated to one or two workshops, we estimate that participating in AWS CloudRoom will take you around half a day during the course of your work week.

1-2 hours - Preparation
View the training video's, read the safeguarding guidance, and prepare your cloud career story in advance of your volunteering hours in order to participate in AWS CloudRoom. We estimate that this will take between 1-2 hours in total, but you can complete your preparation whenever it is most convenient for you.

2- 4 hours - Delivery
Each live AWS CloudRoom workshop will last up to an hour, and you must account for travel time to and from the school.

How will AWS CloudRoom benefit you and your career?

Taking part in AWS CloudRoom encourages you to build on a wide range of skills that will help inspire professional and personal growth. It will positively impact both yourself and your wider team within AWS, taking you out of your comfort zone, while drawing on the knowledge and skills you use every day.

Strengthen your leadership and guidance skills by supporting a teacher in a AWS CloudRoom workshop.

Showcase yourself as an educator by sharing your career story, connecting with, informing and inspiring students.

Become an ambassador for both the AWS CloudRoom program and your workplace community by sharing your experience and increasing engagement within your team and wider department.

What do you receive for your participation?

For successful participation through volunteering for AWS CloudRoom, employees will receive a Phone Tool Icon Award. This awards celebrates peculiarity, and represents the way Amazon employees go above and beyond their normal scope of work to make a difference in their community. All volunteers will also receive SWAG as a thank you for participating.

We will also have a prize giving ceremony at the DCC All Hands meeting in autumn, where senior leaders will recognise volunteers who have gone above and beyond to drive participation for AWS CloudRoom in their teams at a team and individual level.

How do I log the hours that I have volunteered as part of AWS CloudRoom and GMV?

GIVEhub is Amazonians’ tool to support volunteerism, donations, and community engagement. The portal allows you to search and sign-up for volunteer opportunities, and make donations to charitable organizations globally.

Once you have completed their AWS CloudRoom workshop, please log your hours via the Amazon GIVEhub Benevity platform to track the overall volunteering time you have given to the program, on your regional AWS CloudRoom event page (search #CloudRoom). Please note that our AWS CloudRoom calculator, our custom-made hours calculator, enables you to easily calculate the hours you have clocked by taking part in AWS CloudRoom.

GIVEhub is accessible via Single Sign On (SSO) and supported by Midway authentication or A to Z/Passport. Here are some GIVEhub tips to get you started:
- GIVEhub uses single sign-on technology, so you do not need to create account credentials (username or password), but you will need your Midway token or A to Z/Passport credentials to sign in.
- If you use Midway authentication, you must be connected to the corporate network or logged in via VPN to access the portal.
- The first time you log in you’ll be asked to answer a few brief questions to set up your account. You can access and update your account anytime by clicking Your Name in the upper right corner of the screen, or by clicking View Profile.

If you have any issues regarding their set up, contact

What if I have a school I want to volunteer in or recommend?

If there is a school within your local community that you would like to recommend to take part in AWS CloudRoom, simply register and you will be equipt with an outreach pack. This outreach pack will enable you to introduce the AWS CloudRoom to the school and request the correct information to set up the workshop.

Will there be follow up communication with schools after AWS CloudRoom?

Our intention is to continue to build and strengthen the relationships with the communities where we live and work, including schools and other educational bodies. AWS volunteers form a key part of those conversations, therefore we encourage volunteer engagement in all AWS CloudRoom workshops that take place around the world. Considering AWS CloudRoom offers multiple episodes, or workshop themes, the team will continue communications with schools to further promote and engage them with the program and wider AWS educational opportunities.

Can I share my AWS CloudRoom volunteer story with the wider community?

We would love to hear your story! The AWS CloudRoom team will be in touch with you after your workshop to give you the chance to share your story, as well as ask for feedback about your experience as a whole.

Can I share my email address with students?

No, this is not possible. As part of our training around school presentations, we have clear interaction guidelines between AWS CloudRoom volunteers and minors in schools. However, you can share your contact details with a teacher or school principal to keep the lines of communications open for future workshops, but not individual students for child safety reasons.

Can I share the material for the workshops in advance of presentation day?

Yes, it could be beneficial to some schools or teachers to see the material in advance. Some may be interested in printing the collateral as well if they have students in classrooms. The AWS CloudRoom team will support you in communications with the school ahead of your workshop, so you can make sure you clarify with the teacher what is required from you ahead of the workshop.

Can I record the session during the presentation with the school?

No, this is not possible due to minor safety guidelines. More details on this are shared within the training video.
We do not share personal contact details with minors. All requests and interactions take place with the presence of a teacher or guardian. Mentoring requests should be redirected to a teacher and or school's principal/headteacher. Also, we are not allowed to capture images of students participating in our workshops as we have no written consent from parents and guardians.

What is AWS InCommunities?

AWS InCommunities was established by the community engagement team for AWS Infrastructure Operations with the aim of making a positive impact around the world, specifically in the regions where we build and operate our global infrastructure. Find out more information about AWS InCommunities and its long-term, innovative programs here.

Who is the AWS Programming and Events team?

The Programming and Events team launches long-term, innovative programs that will have a lasting impact in the regions around the world where we work, live and raise our families.