Host your own workshop

Getting Involved

Once you have registered under your location for AWS CloudRoom, the team will assign you a school in your region. Your involvement: Volunteers will have read and understood the Safeguarding Checklist The workshops are broken up into episodes, which include a video and practical activities for students to complete Each episode focuses on how we can apply our knowledge of cloud technologies to solve real world problems whether it be from artificial intelligence, data centres or new developments Share your ‘Journey to Here’ story showcasing why you chose to be apart of AWS CloudRoom See FAQs for more details regarding your involvement as an AWS Volunteer. FAQs - link to volunteer page for FAQs

Self-service workshops

If you are in a region where AWS CloudRoom is not currently activating organised workshops, or there is a a school in your area you'd like to be a part of AWS CloudRoom, you can follow our self-service guide to reach out directly to your schools and invite them to join AWS CloudRoom as part of a self-service workshop.
Self-service workshops will be overseen by AWS Volunteers, who have reached out to schools in their local communities to support teachers during the workshops.

Connecting with your school

This guide covers the communications you can share with your school, the resources you can share with your school, and resources you need to run the workshop.

  • Branded email header and footers
  • Introductory email to reach out to your school
  • Follow up email to confirm workshop requirements with your school

Please note: when reaching out to a school of your choice, as the volunteer you will be taking the lead in the organisation and planning of the AWS CloudRoom workshop.

If you require any further support to do this, please contact the team at

The Episode Tutorials

In this section you can find video tutorials to explain each stage of the workshop you will be joining for all AWS CloudRoom episodes. We have created a workshop tutorials for both the plugged and unplugged versions of the workshop.

Volunteering with AWS CloudRoom

For the presentation element of the AWS CloudRoom workshop that you will lead, we have created presentation a template that you can use to share your story, including fun facts that you can share with the students about AWS.
Visit the Career Story Library to view other volunteer's career stories and get some inspiration whilst you are preparing your own 'Journey to Here'.