The AWS CloudRoom Episodes
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About The Episodes

Step into the immersive world of AWS CloudRoom through our workshops, where each session is formed around an engaging episode that delves into the realms of cloud technology, data centers and their endless potential in our everyday lives. Join our animated heroes: Chief, Cody, Analyst, Dev and Gamer as they embark on exciting quests to harness the power of technology to make positive contributions to the world. The purpose of these episodes is to introduce the vital role technology plays in shaping a better future for all.
This episode focuses on the cloud and what it enables us to do. In this inaugural episode, the AWS CloudRoom animated team uses the cloud to help people in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
Episode two focusses on the set of possibilities the cloud offers. The animated team introduces a new member, learn the importance of teamwork and how innovation really works. Play the animated story to your classroom to kick-off your AWS CloudRoom workshop and engage your students with the episode theme.
In this episode the AWS CloudRoom teams robot is missing! The team must search the four layers of the data centre to find a missing mini-bot. Play the animated story to your classroom to kick-off your AWS CloudRoom workshop and engage your students with the episode theme.

Workshop structure

Every AWS CloudRoom workshop combines three elements:

The AWS CloudRoom Animated Episode
Every AWS CloudRoom story is written using real-world scenarios, but in fictional form with our very own cast of AWS CloudRoom characters. The stories draw on real events or on real and emerging technologies so that students are introduced to realistic applications of cloud technology in every episode.
The Cloud-focused Practical Activity
Every practical activity is closely aligned with the story of each episode. In this way, your students can apply some of the ideas they are introduced to in a practical class-based activity. Teachers and facilitators will not need any specialist knowledge or skill as each activity is fully supported through easy-to-follow instructions and tutorials.
My ‘Journey to Here’ career story
My Journey to Here' is the only volunteer-led element of the workshop. This encourages AWS volunteers to share the story of their personal journey from school to where they work now. We encourage volunteers to share their challenges as well as their accomplishments, to give your students a real vision of what careers are possible in the cloud technology industry by learning from those who have already embarked on their career journey.