Episode 2
The Adjacent Possible
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1. Learning Through Story
Episode 2 unfolds with a theme of anxiety and worry as Cody grapples with the fear he may have made a mistake. Cody’s actions set off a chain of events, leading to a rogue and uncatchable robot roaming the CloudRoom. The team, now joined by Gamer, is put on high alert and must resolve the issue before Chief finds out. In the middle of the chaos, Cody discovers the importance of innovation and teamwork.

2. Learning Through Discovery

Kids Looking at Computer Screen in School
Unplugged (online) Part 1 - A Cut-Out Robot
The activities that follow Episode 2 are designed to allow students to understand robotics in more depth, by looking at their structure and how to properly set up a Wizbot to correctly operate. Emphasing teamwork as a key component, these activities highlight the significance of collaboration to achieve a desired result.
Unplugged (offline) Part 2 - Calibrating the Wizbot
Including a robot in the episode wouldn’t be fair without giving students the opportunity to experiment with their own robot. In this engaging activity, the students will learn the essential skills of calibration of their bots. Precision is key to allow the bots to move accurately to their intended destination. This activity will not only spark excitement but also instil the importance of following instructions to achieve accurate results.


Episode 2 (animated story)

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