AWS CloudRoom Workshop Episode 1

About Episode 1

This episode focuses on the cloud and what it enables us to do. In this episode, the AWS CloudRoom team uses the cloud to help people in the aftermath of a natural disaster, with students using a block coding based activity to help the team to come up with cloud focussed solutions for the team to reach those in need.

This workshop comes in two forms:

  • An online 'plugged' version, that can be completed on the online scratch coding platform PictoBlox.
  • An offline 'unplugged' card game, that allows your students to complete the coding activity using a set of coding playing cards that map out the journey they need to create in order to complete the activity.

Episode 1 Workshop Tutorials

We have created a workshops tutorials for both the plugged and unplugged versions of the workshop. These take you through the workshop in its entirety, and are for you to go through ahead of the workshop itself.

Episode 1 Practical Activity

The episode 1 activity focuses on practical activities using Scratch coding. Why?

Because children absorb information best when there is an actual output from their learning. This means that they will get a reward for what they have been doing in the workshop – making a line-following robot, for example.

Practical Activity Resources

You can find below the the resources required for the practical activity for each version of the AWS CloudRoom episode 1 workshop.

Select the tab depending on whether you are using the 'plugged' or 'unplugged' activity, and click on the resources to use or download.

If you require the activity guide in a language other than english, please click on your language button to download your activity guide.
If you require the activity guide and card game in a language other than english, please click on your language button to download your activity resources.

Episode 1 Workshop (Plug 'n' Play)

We have created the AWS CloudRoom "App" - a fully plug 'n' play, all inclusive workshop that will allow you to run your own workshop in a pre-set workshop framework, to a fixed time.

That way, you can have full control over how much you lead or present within the practical activity or volunteer story, and when you would like the AWS CloudRoom App to take control.

Choose the workshop version that you would like to run below, and click through to our CloudRoom app to start your workshop!

This is where your volunteers share their 'Journey to Here' career story! If you would like to share additional volunteer stories, you can visit our Career Story Library. Please note: these pre-recorded stories are currently available in English only.