Episode 3
Our Bot is Missing!
CloudRoom characters.png
1. Learning Through Story
Episode 3 takes an unexpected twist as the robot navigates its way to the data center and raises the alarms, escalating the tension by putting everyone on high alert. The team races against time, trailing the robot through the layers of the data center, desperately trying to intercept it before any damage is caused. Just as they near the robot, a revelation unfolds!

2. Learning Through Discovery

Ep 3 - Activity 1 - A Robotic Board Game.png
Activity 1 - A Robotic Board Game
Using the WizBots from the previous workshop, students continue to explore the fundamentals of robotics using its buttons to program the bot without the need for coding. This hands-on experience empowers students to cultivate valuable skills and knowledge, with a particular focus on ensuring the robot has mobility for precise and accurate movement.
Ep 3 - Activity 2 - The Numbers Games.png
Activity 2 - The Numbers Games
The Numbers Game offers a clear and engaging experience designed for students in pairs. Educators are free to make this into a fun competition or a league for an interactive learning experience.